IT Services and Support is a competitive market place and we understand the need to differentiate ourselves from other companies. Here are some reasons why we think you should speak to MCTS.

We’ve been here a while

We are an organisation with many years of experience and a variety of long standing clients happy to provide references.

We don’t have a sales team

We do not have sales people in the conventional sense. A new client will meet a consultant who will put a solution together. Our business has been built on word of mouth and integrity and in many cases we now act for clients in an advisory capacity on other IT projects to ensure that a supplier delivers value for money.
We have a comprehensive means to escalate the few issues we cannot solve directly with fast access to partner support at companies like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and HP – we don’t always have all the answers but have relationships in place to make sure we have backup.

We’ve invested heavily in our own business

It is a cliché but we are big enough to cope and small enough to care about your business. Our head office is the impressive Abercorn House in Paisley. It is a not a virtual office and your call is not being forwarded to a mobile. Our industry so often involves going to meet new clients that it is easy for the supplier to hide a lack of critical infrastructure and staff. We would welcome anyone to come in and see how we work.

We think about business as much as IT

We look at your IT from a business perspective. We don’t suggest new things because we think they are interesting and wait until there is a proven business case for a new solution.

We are here to stay

We are stable and secure with year on year growth and have the expertise, support, services and solutions you’ll need now and in the future. A percentage of new clients come from providers who have simply vanished, often taking key infrastructure details with them.

We’re always trying to get better

Our engineers are constantly retrained.  That’s why we’ve been able to maintain our Microsoft Gold Partner status for over a decade and have a depth and breadth of knowledge that sets us apart from our rivals.

We take responsibility and are fully accountable

We are willing to take complete responsibility for the items we cover or the solutions we provide. This is one of the most common reasons clients might get referred to us.

We can provide a wide range of services – one invoice and one company to call

Our services will often cover everything a business needs from IT. If we don’t provide it directly we can bring in a partner. This gives you one point of contact for all issues where appropriate. We don’t force this on you at any point and our engineers have no incentive to “sell” anything.

We currently hold the following Microsoft partner competencies

We have a wide range of partnerships to help provide the best support

We leverage partner relationships to get the best for our clients. We are a Microsoft Partner. Some of our other partners include Dell, Symantec, Avast, Zen, 3CX and Draytek. In addition, we have an array of wholesale partnerships for connectivity solutions. We invest in our business and people to meet the stringent requirements and certification levels demanded by our partners.